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Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principals 


As a faith-based, nonprofit organization, Spirit of the Wind’s mission (i.e., overall purpose) is to organize, coordinate, and facilitate native – indigenous ceremonies / teachings with the intention of supporting and guiding participants in the restoration and/or strengthening of their wellness.

Through prayer and purification ceremonies (i.e., body, mind, and soul, etc.) our vision (ideal future) is to address and reduce stressors impacting individual – community wellness as well as promote and strengthen spiritual principles and behavioral skills leading toward intentional living.

In order to accomplish our mission and vision, Spirit of the Wind honors the following guiding principles (core values):

  • Trust / faith in the creator (Grand Father / Spirit).
  • Reverence toward, value of, and support for our elders, relatives, and community at large.
  • Collaboration with volunteers and community resources through conscious interactions.
  • Reflection and prayer before decisions are made.
  • Responsibility for our actions and promotion of the common good. 
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