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​You are invited to join Jack Thom, Sr., Walking Eagle, Hün-Na-îtch, a full-blooded Karuk Native American spiritual leader from Northern California. He guides people in sacred Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremonies, a traditional way of cleansing body, mind, and spirit. By sweating and praying, we cleanse our bodies of toxins, our minds of negativities, and heighten our spirits. We come into a balanced relationship with our Earth, our Self, and the community of life that is all around us.


For 45 years, Spirit of the Wind has held sweat lodges for the public. A time for cleansing, healing, humbleness, and if you let it…a tremendous heart opening; a rebirth of self. We crawl into the lodge with burdens and prayers and emerge with renewed hope and love. Walking Eagle has dedicated his life in service of prayer and leads lodge with reverence, laughter, and healing to all who will receive it.


Currently, we meet at least one Saturday a month at Anna's House 

370 Siskiyou Way 

Weed California  96094

Please see the lodges tab for the date of next lodge.

Winter lodge time is at 1pm

Summer lodge time is at 6pm


Women on their “Moon Time” will not be permitted inside the lodge as this is a most sacred time and the body is already naturally purifying. There is a designated space available for prayer and song while lodge is taking place. Individuals who have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the 24 hours preceding the ceremony do not enter the ceremonial area or the sweat lodge. 


If you have questions and are not sure what is appropriate for you or your condition at the time, be sure to ask the ceremonial leader or a knowledgeable staff person before entering any ceremony. 

What should I bring?

Dress code for women is covered shoulders and preferably a long skirt. (A good old t-shirt and maxi skirt works great.) Men should wear shorts. 


Please bring a towel and water bottle. Water is not permitted inside the lodge but encouraged to drink before starting.

The Offering:

By tradition, an offering is always given by each participant before entering into ceremony. Traditionally and historically, the offering is one considered valuable and of support to the ceremony and to the support of the ceremonial leader. The participant determines the offering based upon his or her spiritual guidance and intentions. 

All ceremonies are free of cost. We suggest a $40 love offering that goes directly to the Spiritual leader who has incurred the many costs for making this ceremony take place. These costs include automobile travel, wood, lodging, tarps, gathering stones and medicine, fuel for chain saws, etc..., For healings, a donation that is comparable to a doctors visit is greatly appreciated, needed and appropriate. 

Out of respect and by natural law, we always give an offering before we take anything for our needs. We always leave our ceremonial areas clean and natural. We ask that you refrain from any activities that disturb or damage the natural habitat. 


Please extend this invitation to your friends and loved ones!

Come and drum with us into the melody of
Creator's Heart 
Private Ceremonies 


Private ceremonies are available for groups! Minimum of 10 people and $40 love donation per person. Summertime fills quickly for group lodges, so be sure to reserve your group's spot.


For private group sweats, please contact Tashina:

Vision Quest

May 16-19, 2024
Spirit of the Wind
Family Dance 2024

Purification: June 15-18
Tree day: June 19 
Dance: June 20-23
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