Spirit of the Wind is looking for a new home

Thank you for opening and reading this request. Spirit of the Wind, near Mt. Shasta, is a community promoting wellness through ceremonies. Led by our leader, WalkingEagle – a Karuk elder, sweat lodges are generally facilitated weekly for the public (currently being held once a month until we find new land). All ceremonies are free of cost. Donations are encouraged in order to pay for wood and materials used for the purification ceremonies. 

For 45 years, ceremonies have been held in what is currently known as “Stewart Mineral Springs.” Management has changed and ceremonies will no longer be held there. We trust that Creator has a new and better plan for us. 

Spirit of the Wind has begun a fundraising campaign as well as a process of searching for land to be purchased in the Mt. Shasta or nearby area. A land that we can use to sweat, a land where our prayers will continue to vibrate into planetary healing, a land where generations of spiritual warriors and the community at large will come together in communion for the goal of wellness. 

Currently, we are working with an agent, Donna Kalayiian, free of cost, who has been very helpful in identifying a number of lands available. Our leader and elder, Walking Eagle, has visualized a land accessible (flat) and easy for the elders to move around. 

We are in the process of becoming a non-for-profit. Our community is constituted by individuals who are committed to living consciously and intentionally through the practice of Native rituals / ceremonies. Thus, we are asking family and friends to support this endeavor. In order to purchase land, your prayers as well as monetary contribution is vital. We are hoping to raise a minimum of $40,000 by the end of March 2018. Your donation is highly appreciated: $10, $25, $50, $100, more. Everything counts. 

Prayers and faith are the foundation of this project. Our fundraising campaign will be active for the next three months. We began this fundraising campaign December 2017 and have raised over $18,000 between pledges and money already collected. Creator is running the show; we are simply taking the footsteps. The mind may react by saying, “this is too ambitious.” Spirit is not limited by the conditions of the mind. Thus, send your positive thoughts and prayers! Besides a monetary donation, other ways that you can support this project is promoting this campaign.  

Thank you relatives. This is an opportunity for us all to work together as a community. We have been organizing multiple activities in order to manifest a new home. This GoFundMe account is one of them. All ideas and support are welcome. May our prayers continue strong!
For any questions, please contact us.
Blessings and much Love to each of you brothers and sisters. 
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