Spirit of the Wind is looking for support

Blessings Relatives,


Two years ago, 2018, Spirit of the Wind began a fundraising campaign to purchase land. Such goal has been accomplished with the prayers and financial support of many of you. Land has been purchased in the Mt. Shasta area for us to have a permanent location to sweat, quest, vision, and dance. A land where our prayers will continue to vibrate into planetary healing. A land where generations of dancers, spiritual warriors, and the community at large will come in communion for the goal of wellness. Dad, Walking Eagle, expresses his heartfelt gratitude for all the work that we have done as a community!


Currently, in order to prepare the land for ceremonies and spiritual educational events, Spirit of the Wind is running another fundraising campaign. We are visualizing an average of 200 people donating $100 each for a total of $20, 000. The mind may react by saying, “this is too ambitious.” Yet, we have often been reminded that the heart is not confined by logic and / or reason and spirit is not limited by the conditions of the mind. This message alone is potentially reaching over 500 relatives. If we each, participate in identifying 4 people who can donate $25 per person that will reach our goal and beyond. The money raised through this campaign will be used to fix the water well, bring electricity to the land, and prepared the land in other ways (i.e., set a camping section, cooking section, and ceremonial spaces). This fundraising campaign will be active until August 16, 2021. Please share it with other people. 


As I am writing this note words, I feel my heart dancing to the melody of new creation. Tears of joy caress my face as I feel our ancestors connected and dancing around the Tree of Life. Creator is running the show while we are simply taking the footsteps, knowing that we will be guided. I thank Dad (WalkingEagle) for constantly modeling this teaching!


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions (916) 531-3864.

Love and Blessings, Krishna