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Please See the Family Dance tab for current information about the upcoming Ceremony!!! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Great Spirit
We are guided by your wisdom,
Encouraged by your strength,
And protected by your Love!


We, the Spirit of the Wind family, welcome you opened arms into our lives.  We are a community of people committed to live in harmony with Grand Father – Creator. While a great majority of our purification ceremonies and educational activities are held within the Mt. Shasta area, as individuals we come from different backgrounds and reside in diverse parts of the United States, reflecting a cherished community.  


As a community, we are blessed by the leadership of Jack Thom Sr., Walking Eagle, Karuk Elder.  Walking Eagle teaches by example and is constantly reminding each of us that answers to our questions are found in prayers.

We hope that this website provides you with an overall idea of who we are as a community and ways that you can join us in ceremonies as well as support our on-going events, and educational activities. It is our belief that we are all part of Creator’s family and this includes you. 


Your feedback and / or questions are highly valued. Do not hesitate to contact us. You can also add your name and information into our mailing list to be informed of date, time, location of purification ceremonies or events, and educational activities. May your journey be guided by the beat of Creator’s heart! Blessings!


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